ECTS Guide

ECTS makes teaching and learning in higher education more transparent across Europe and facilitates the recognition of all studies. The system allows for the transfer of learning experiences between different institutions, greater student mobility and more flexible routes to gain degrees. It also aids curriculum design and quality assurance.


The ECTS Users' Guide provides guidelines for the implementation of ECTS. It also presents ECTS key documents. The Guide is offered to assist learners, academic and administrative staff in higher education institutions, as well as other interested parties. It was updated in 2009 to take account of developments in the Bologna Process, the growing importance of lifelong learning, the formulation of qualifications frameworks and the increasing use of learning outcomes. It has been written with the help of experts from stakeholders' associations and ECTS counselors - and was submitted for consultation to stakeholders' associations, Member States' experts and the Bologna Follow-up Group. The European Commission coordinated the drafting and consultation process and is responsible for the final wording of the Guide.


Hard copies of the ECTS Users Guide can be ordered at the EU Bookshop.