Recognition Framework


For Outgoing Students

The HOU has fully adopted the ECTS system as a credit allocation system. First cycle courses are allocated 240 ECTS while second cycle courses are allocated 120 ECTS credits. Outgoing ERASMUS Students need to attend host university courses corresponding to 40- 60 ECTS per Academic Year, in order to cover/ recognize at least 2- 3 HOU Thematic Modules (1 Thematic Module= 20 ECTS credits).


Outgoing students decide upon the modules they wish to study abroad with the assistance/ contribution of the Erasmus Office & the Course Module Coordinators. Modules must correspond to a min. of 75% of the relevant material covered at the HOU & will be fully recognized upon their return (provided successful completion abroad).

A pre-agreement document (stating prerequisites for full recognition & expected ECTS allocation) is approved by the School prior to departure.


Following an ERASMUS student's return, the detailed Transcript of Records from the host university is forwarded to the School - coupled by their subject/ research choices' endorsement papers as well as the "pre-recognition" documents (issued by the School prior to departure) ensuring full recognition provided that the agreed upon program is successfully completed.

The School then forwards its final decision regarding recognition (and ECTS credit allocation) of the studies/ research period to the ERASMUS Office - which informs the Registry Department, in charge of updating students' records.

Successfully completed study mobility is included in the students' Diploma Supplement (DS) & official transcript.

For Incoming Students

In preparation for each year's ERASMUS student selection, sending institutions forward their student application forms (accompanied by the proposed learning agreements and updated student transcripts) to the Hellenic Open University.


After consulting with the HOU School/ Department in question, the Institutional ERASMUS Coordinator evaluates the applications - in cooperation with the special ERASMUS Committee. The relative decisions are then forwarded to the sending institutions, accompanied by letters of acceptance for all selected exchange students.

Upon arrival at the HOU, incoming students check (in cooperation with our institutional and departmental coordinators) and amend their learning agreements, as necessary. Modified agreements are re- forwarded to the students' home institutions, for additional approval.

When their exchange period ends, students are provided with a written record of all work successfully completed at the HOU - as well as the relevant ECTS credits gained. A Confirmation of Attendance certificate is also sent to both the student and his/ her home institution, within one month after the end of the exchange period.